Fit Club is a community of people dedicated to exercise and fitness programming that improves practical physical performance. If it works toward building more functional strength, speed, stamina, power, accuracy, coordination, agility, flexibility, balance and endurance, we’ll use it – train hard, have fun, and get fit at Fit Club the CrossFit affiliate of downtown Columbus.


The Reebok All Terrain Series

A new fitness and product review series for Fit Club. Starting this month I will be releasing regular reviews and article for Fit Club and its members

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

It’s that time of year where we all gather with family and friends, eat ridiculous amounts of food  and give thanks for the joyful abundance of our lives and that […]

FC Halloween- Friday October 31st

WTF is FC Halloween? It’s the Halloween party that commemorates the most epic Halloween party in the history of halloween parties. WTF is going to happen?  Aside from the usual […]

Billy Ashley

Name:  Billy Ashley Age: 27 Hometown: Millersport, OH Occupation: Strategic Communications Director at The Ohio State University How long have you done CrossFit? I just hit the six-month mark.  What do you LOVE seeing on […]

And the winners are……

It can be said that winning is nothing more than giving it your all. I am not here to say that. After meticulous calculation and our  very well defined (just […]

New Obstacle Course Training Class time

Good luck to everyone doing the Spartan Race this weekend. Here’s a quick video that might help get over some of the obstacles. Starting next week we will move to […]

Todd Koah

Todd Koah

Featured Athlete Age: 36 Hometown: Canton, OH Occupation: Police Officer How long have you done CrossFit? Just over 2 years. What do you LOVE seeing on the whiteboard when you get to […]

Betsy Waterman

Betsy Waterman

Featured Athlete Age: timeless Hometown: Columbus, OH Occupation: Real Estate Counsel, Wendy’s Company How long have you done CrossFit? 2.5 years – started in NYC and joined FC the day […]

FC Team Week Updates, AMRAP90 Epic Cheat Meal

So far so good, we have had a great week with lots of PRs, hard work and fun. You have until Sunday at 8PM to log all your scores. Just […]

Team Week Day Updates and Challenges

Lots of PRs and good times happening in the gym over the last few days. As I receive email  I delete it add the point totals to the leader board. You do […]

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