3rd Annual FC Summer Games Info

Thank you for registering  to compete or volunteer for the 3rd Annual FC Summer Games. If your just planning on watching thats cool to,its going to be a good show. Here is some info to get you up to speed


Game day parking is here. I will validate all registered Athlete parking, every one else can either prepay at the link provided or pay the day of

Hotel & Lodging

The Great Southern Hotel – Westin Columbus has a great room block rate of $99 for our Athletes (Orginally $199). It is located less then a block from Columbus Commons where the FC Games are being held. Here is the contact information, ask for the FC Games roomblock rate when you are calling to make your reservations. 310 South High Street Columbus, OH 43215 Phone: 614-228-3800 If you will be staying more than one night we can extend the rate but need to here from you We don’t have any other room blocks set up yet but will keep you posted via the FB page as/if things develop.


8/4/12 at FC,

09:00- 31 Heroes WOD and meeting for judges and volunteers

12:00 – Judges Meeting

12:00 – Early Athlete Check in, open gym till 16:00

16:00 – Load the Truck- Volunteers

8/5/12 at Columbus Commons

06:00 Equipment Set Up

07:00- Athlete check in

08:00- Athlete meeting, WOD announcement

09:00 WOD 1 begins,


I am still working on fitting people in that are on the list, so far if you got in you know it.

Misc Info

We will post heat schedules, scoring updates, WODs and event coverage on the Jumbotron, Twitter, Facebook and website Affiliates/Gyms/Teams We will have designated areas for you to have a tent and place to lounge, if you are bringing a tent,ice tub or food I need to know. If you don’t tell me in an email your bringing a tent your not using it. Please notify me of your tent/basecamp intentions in a separate email to mitch@ohiofitclub.com with the subject “Gym Name Tent Plans” Please be advised of the following:

  • Tents are welcome but NO STAKES, bring a kettlebell,bumper or Sandbag and you’ll be fine.
  • There will be beer and adult beverages for sale so don’t bring your own, YOU WILL GET KICKED OUT and will not get any money back.
  • No slip and slides, yes it pisses me off too but it would cost me a zillion in insurance. if you want to frolic in water there is a watermark a few blocks away.
  •  I have arranged to have food vendors open and they will feed us good paleoish food, so please make it a winning situation for them and try it out, if you don’t like to eat new stuff during competition thats cool, bring what you need but be respectful, DONT set up a grill and undercut him, he’s a small business just like us. Coaches please get this info to all your athletes competing and spectators to help smooth things out.

I probably forgot something so expect more info to follow.